Highwaymen vs Snipers

Owls Unit #306

Highwaymen Roster and Stats

1Diarmuid Egon285440.630.50
2Bing Takasaki73113990.420.29
3Colin Currie9421910100.450.24
4Daniel RouseCapt.6236550.260.22
5Gabe Rowland6289550.320.18
6Will Kopplin4178330.470.18
7Gavin MacMahon7289550.320.18
8Tom Domjancic73010550.330.17
9James Boyd3137220.540.15
10Brian Andrade83515330.430.09
11Joe Lofranco000000.000.00
12Joel Manning000000.000.00

Roster #'s and Player Highlights

#PlayerSkunk WinB. OpenB. Fin.High StartHigh FinishHigh Score4 Fin.5 Fin.Busts
37Bing Takasaki00000138000
38Brian Andrade00000140000
39Daniel Rouse000000000
40Gabe Rowland000880138000
41Joe Lofranco000000000
42Joel Manning000000000
43Will Kopplin0000000085
44Colin Currie000000000
45Gavin MacMahon00000125000
46Tom Domjancic00012000000
47Diarmuid Egon00010500000
48James Boyd100000000

2018/2019 Season Team Schedule

2018-12-11 19:30:00December 11, 2018Owls Unit #306
2019-01-08 19:30:00January 8, 2019Owls Unit #306
2019-01-15 19:30:00January 15, 2019Owls Unit #306
2019-01-22 19:30:00January 22, 2019Owls Unit #306