Chalkers Rules

Chalkers Rules


The Darter’s “10 Commandments” are posted here for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the full chalkers rules for the BSDL League.

These 10 “commandments” were originally written by Sarah Parsons in the 1970’s, and have been reprinted countless times in darts league newsletters, darts magazines, and tournament programs. In Darts, scorekeepers are also called “Chalkers”, and it is traditional for the winning team to thank a good chalker with a handshake and free drink.

The Darter’s “10 Commandments” For Keeping Score

  1. Scorekeepers Shall Not talk while keeping score!

  2. Scorekeepers Shall Not move about while keeping score, stand still!

  3. Scorekeepers Shall Not look at the shooter, stand facing the board!

  4. Scorekeepers Shall Not call out a score, of one dart or all three — unless the shooter asks you!

  5. Scorekeepers Shall Not tell a shooter what to shoot or what combination to shoot for an out!

  6. Scorekeepers Shall Not change a score unless it is brought to the attention of both shooters (teams).

  7. Scorekeepers Shall Not change a score – regardless – if that player (team) has shot again and a second score written down. An error in a shooter’s score MUST be corrected before he (team) shoots again or it stands.

  8. Scorekeepers Shall Not lean out to see where a dart is or is going nor shall he follow the darts with body or head movement!

  9. Scorekeepers Shall Not show any sign of disgust or excitement while at the scoreboard!

  10. Scorekeepers Shall Not change the side of the scoresheet of the player in three leg matches… if you start a player on the left side of the scoresheet, continue to keep his score on the left- regardless of what the bull shots are.