BSDL History

BSDL History

The 2015/2016 season marks the 37th year of continuous operation of the Bloor Street Dart League. With that in mind here is a brief bit of our history as related to us by Mr. Wayne Morrison, one of our founding members.

Mr. Wayne Morrison recalls:

“My father played inter-city darts and I grew up with a dart board in my kitchen. I don’t think I ever played outside my kitchen until the Burton brothers, Bob and Harry came to Postal Station. “E”, where I was a letter carrier in about 1976. They bugged me, to bug the boss, to put a dartboard in the station’s lunchroom. We got the dartboard, the darts caught on and we formed a team. We challenged the Duke of Gloucester, The Richmond and other pubs around the area to exhibition matches and we did all right. There was a bar across the street from the station, The Dovercourt, where we found ourselves often, but they didn’t have a dartboard. We talked the bartender, Tommy McLellan, who played inter-city darts at the Owls Club, into putting a dartboard in. He said he could get a team together on a Tuesday night to play for beers. I got the guys who played darts in my kitchen together, my brother Gary, Shawn Niskanen, Doug Lewis, Claud Dowden and Al Kiyonaga and myself. We played team games of 1,001 and had a ball; we did it again the next week.

We told Bob and Harry about it and the third Tuesday we had three teams playing for beers. Bob and Harry’s team was the beginning of the Wombles, Bill Nerry, Jim Ashford and Mel Arthur. The following week there was a fourth team, which became the Buzzard’s with Clair Anderson and Bob Wolcschuck. After the darts were over that night I remember saying to Bob and Tommy that if we had two more teams we could start a league. Word got out and a group from Consumers Gas had a team called the Bush Pigs (Aldo Damarco, Terry George). We had five teams. We scouted a few more players and my group formed two teams, The Kibosh and The Clamour. The next year we played every Tuesday, each player had to buy the league a beer and with that money we had an awards night with prize money.”

Well here we are over 39 years later, and although we no longer play for beers, we still manage to drink a few on Tuesday nights, and our awards night has turned into a gala dinner and dance for our members and guests.