BSDL Bylaws

BSDL Bylaws

  1. Shall be a regulation board of good quality, in good condition, situated in a well lit area.
  2. Shall be measured 5ft. 8in. in vertical height from the throw line to a horizontal line threw its center.?
  1. Shall be measured horizontal distance at right angles of 7ft. 9-1/4in. from its plumb line to the face of the board.
  2. Shall be a measured diagonal distance at right angles of 9ft. 7-7/16in. from the throw line to the center of the board (to be used as a check).
  3. Shall be permanently shown in some distinctive manner
  4. Shall not be less than 2ft. and not longer than 3ft. in length.
  5. Shall not be trodden nor stood upon.
  1. All league games during regular and post season start at 7:45 p.m.
  2. If due to circumstances that cause a team to be delayed, the delayed team will:

I. Arrange by a phone call a reasonable grace period after the scheduled start time for a delayed start time on the same night.
II. Explain the circumstance or reason for the delay.

Team Division, Season Schedule and Post Season Schedule
to be determined by the executive

  1. Shall be a double pairing game of a countdown from 401 starting with a double in and ending with a double out.
  2. Shall consist of 5 sets with 3 games each for a total of 15 games.
  3. Shall have visiting team list their players first ONE SET AT A TIME for all 5 sets.
  4. Shall have 5 minutes time limit for home team to match and list their players to the visitors list.
  5. Shall have home team throw first and supply a scorekeeper in first game and alternate back and forth thereafter to completion.
  6. Shall have visiting team throw first in second game and supply a scorekeeper in second game and alternate back and forth thereafter to completion.

TIES: Shall be acceptable

  1. Shall be a double pairing game of a countdown from 401 starting with a double in and ending with a double out.
  2. Shall consist of 5/6 sets with 3 games each set for a total of 15/18 games.
  3. Shall have visiting team list their players first in the first set and the home team list their players first in the second set and then alternate back and forth to completion.
  4. Shall have a 5 minute time limit for each team to list their players between sets.
  5. Shall have 5 minutes for each team to match their players between sets.
  6. Shall have team that matches the first set throwing first and keep score in the first game and alternate back and forth thereafter to completion.
  7. If 2 teams happen to end up playing on the same home board, the team finishing higher in the regular season standings will have preference. The other team will choose from available boards within the league and notification shall be given to the President/Vice President 72 hours prior to start time.

TIES: Shall result in continued playoff as follow:

  1. 1 set of 3 games to as many sets as are required to break the tie.
  2. Shall have lower ranked team list their players first and third game one game at a time and then have higher ranked team match and list players one game at a time.
  3. Have higher ranked team throw first and keep score in the first and if required, third game.
  4. If after the first set there is still a tie, reverse the order of listing and play second set.
  1. If visiting or home team cannot put up 2 eligible players by 8:00 p.m. plus supply the scorekeeper If required, that team defaults game # 1.
  2. The second game is defaulted 5 minutes after the first game.
  3. The third game will be defaulted after the next 5 minutes.
  4. If required all defaulted games will be played in the 3rd. game of each set.
  5. Alternating of game sheets: home vs. Visitors rule will apply for subsequent sets – post season format. If less than 6 players.
  6. Only 3 players: play 1 game a set defaulting 9 games on a night.
  7. Only 4 players: play 2 games a set defaulting 5 games on a night.
  8. Any ineligible player will forfeit every game played, negating their and their partners stats.
  9. At the discretion of the League, it may reinstate any ineligible player.
  10. No points or wins are returned to the team of an ineligible player even after reinstatement.
  11. Maximum 10 Spare and/or Dummy games to be used after final roster to end of regular season. No Spare/Dummy games allowed in playoffs.
  1. The team that finishes the game by reaching ZERO with a double first will receive ONE point for the win.
  2. The team that finishes the game with a double first before the opposing team starts with a double will receive an extra ONE point for a total of TWO points (in other words “A SKUNK”).
  1. No player is to remove/touch their darts until the score is verified bye the scorekeeper.
  2. Points are scored according to their value when the DART POINT is touching the board or in it.
  3. No points are scored when:

    1. The dart falls off the board before the score is verified by the scorekeeper.
    2. The point value is greater than the required value to reach ZERO on a double.
    3. The player removes their dart(s) before the score is verified by the scorekeeper.
    4. There is an infraction of the throwing rules.

  4. A player will not throw more than 3 darts each time it comes to their turn to throw.
  1. The players list shall be printed neatly and legibly with full names and surnames.
  2. Use initial of last name or distinctive initial to differentiate 2 or more same first name players.
  3. Visiting team names and home team names and date and final score to be completed on each score sheet.
  4. Score sheets to be signed by each team representative.
  5. A copy of the scoresheet should be kept in the event the official gamesheet is lost or destroyed.
  6. No player will play in more than 1 game per set.
  7. Note WINS with a circled “W” beside the players name who has finished the game or with a circled “S” in the event of a SKUNK.
  1. Enter HIGH SCORE in appropriate area along with that player?s name.
  2. Enter HIGH START score in appropriate area along with that players name.
  3. Enter HIGH FINISH score in appropriate area along with that persons name.
  4. Enter FEWEST DARTS finish in appropriate area along with BOTH players names.


  1. Once the visiting teams and home team sign the score sheets it becomes the official game sheets, both of which will be forwarded to the Stats keeper.
  2. It is the responsibility of each team captain to forward to the Stats keeper each weekly game sheets as designated at the start of the season.
  3. Late or failure to deliver game sheets will result in a penalty being assessed against the offending team.
  4. Penalty assessed to the offending team will be determined by the league/executive.
  5. Late game sheets will result in no STATS for those teams when the league standings come out.
  1. Shall be an active player of the team.
  2. Is responsible for setting up the players list for each set.
  3. Is responsible for supplying a scorekeeper for their turn to mark.
  4. Is responsible for keeping control of their players.
  5. Is responsible for signing the score sheet for delivery to the Stats keeper.
  6. Is responsible for the delivery of the game sheets as designated by the Stats keeper.
  1. A member player in the league.
  2. During the regular season a player on one of the teams involved.
  3. During the post season an eligible player on one of the teams involved.
  4. During the post season an ineligible player, but not banned, for post season play on one of the teams involved.
  5. During the post season with mutual consent an eligible player of one of the teams within the league.
  1. Ensuring that the throwing rules are adhered to.
  2. Being in a position where they can verify starts, scores and finishes.
  3. Assisting a thrower IF ASKED what they have scored.
  4. Stating, IF ASKED, what points are left BUT NOT WHICH DOUBLE.
  5. Not interfering with or distracting the thrower.
  6. Keeping an accurate and true score where both teams can observe it.
  7. Informing team captains/representatives of their responsibilities for control of their players.
  8. Shall remember to not touch the darts during a players throw.
  1. Shall be a player listed on the team roster submitted by a predetermined date as set by league executive (usually by mid November).
  2. Shall be a player added to the team roster by a notation on the official score sheet the day they start playing.
  3. Shall be a player who hasn?t been included on any team roster within the league during the current season.
  4. Shall be a player who has been approved by the league to play on another team.
  5. Shall be a player who has been reinstated by the league to play on a team.
  1. Shall be the 13th. Player on a team after roster is submitted.
  2. Shall be a banned player that has not been reinstated.
  3. Shall be a player not reinstated by the league from a banned team.
  4. Shall be a player during post season playoffs that has not played at least 1 game a MATCH for at least half the regular season subject to league approval.

CHALLENGES to measurements must be made before MATCH commences. If measurements are incorrect, then must be corrected by the Home Team before the MATCH starts. Any CHALLENGES that cannot be resolved at the time should be made into a PROTEST. Any PROTESTS brought to the League shall be:

  1. In writing, witnessed and dated.
  2. Accompanied with a $25.00 cash or cheque payable to the League.
  3. A decision will be forthcoming within 7 days of receipt of protest.
  4. If protest is decided upon in your favor the $25.00 will be refunded.

These throwing rules will be considered the official rules of the B.S.D.L. And are effective immediately.

A dart shall be considered thrown if it hits the dartboard, backboard or wall – which means a dropped dart, is not a thrown dart. Do not try to catch bounced out darts, they cannot be re-thrown.

Rules and Etiquette:

  1. A turn consists of throwing 3 darts.
  2. The darts must stay in the board to count. A dart that falls out before completion of the turn does not count and cannot be replayed.
  3. Darts that are accidentally dropped can be picked up and thrown.

Thrown vs. Dropped Darts:

Each player’s turn consists of throwing three darts and all thrown darts count. If a player raises his hand and arm in the beginning of a throwing motion toward the dart board, the dart counts. If someone is preparing to shoot and drops a dart while standing at the line, regardless of whether or not the dart falls over the line, the player is allowed to pick up the dart and throw it. If a dart’s tip does not stick within the scoring area of the board for whatever reason (falling out, knocked out, missing the board) it counts as a thrown dart but does not score. A dart which sticks in the back of another also does not score.